About Kobus

My passion for helping others overcome functional limitations, was born out of my own struggles as a sportsman with injury, chronic pain and symptoms of ill-health. Discontentment with the lack of holistic answers within the standard medical/rehabilitation approach, fueled my journey to seek better solutions.


In a career of competitive rugby that spanned 22 year, I spent many hours in the hands of capable physiotherapists who helped me recover from game to game. My underlying movement imbalances (or weak-links) were however never identified or addressed. This eventually caught up with me, and halfway into a season of professional rugby in Europe, I was forced into retiring at age 29 due to chronic pain. No sports doctor or physiotherapist could identify the cause of my pain in the following 18 months.


My experience of a rehabilitation system that is entirely focused on the treatment of symptoms, with a complete lack of holistic movement evaluation, challenged me to seek answers beyond what was offered within the contemporary model. This journey has progressively led me to discovering the work of pioneers who has now changed the way we look at movement and well-being.


The initial game changer for me was discovering Gray Cook’s first book, Athletic Body in Balance, in 2005. I began to incorporate his Functional Movement System into my work as Strength and Conditioning trainer, and while emerging myself into trigger point therapy, I develop an integrated system of manual therapy and corrective exercise to overcome the causes of movement dysfunction or pain. I subsequently certified with Functional Movement Systems and have gained expertise knowledge over the past 13 years of advanced corrective solutions for movement dysfunction. On the therapeutic side I completed a BSc in Osteopathy.


My holistic perspective on human functioning is a product of experiential and conscious living. I have therefore developed an approach that strives to overcome the reductionist view of looking at movement problems, as is common in the Western culture. My system bridges the gap that exist between the treatment of symptoms (therapy), and prescription of exercise on assumed fully 'functional' bodies. As Osteopathic Manual Therapist I make use of a combination of methodologies ranging from direct and indirect myofascial release, joint mobilization, MET, visceral and cranial therapy techniques.


  • Diploma Personal Trainer (ETA)
  • Advanced Diploma Sports Conditioning Trainer (ETA)
  • BA Health Sciences
  • Functional Movement Systems Certifications:
    • FMS Level 2
    • SFMA Level 2
  • BSc Osteopathy

My studies in psychological counseling has helped my strive towards the whole person approach, particularly when assisting clients to address lifestyle imbalances that might be perpetuating their movement problems.


The University of Life also taught me that knowledge without integrity, humility and wisdom, can be a huge obstacle to growth. I therefore strive to remaining humble, hungry and open to opportunities of learning more about this wondrous creation called the human being!

Kobus du Plessis
Kobus du Plessis

Kobus is the first FMS & SFMA Level 2 Certified Practitioner in Africa.

Previous Experience

My previous experience includes being the Conditioning Trainer and Head Rugby Coach at two High Schools in Cape Town, and the Conditioning Trainer at two Rugby Clubs in the Western Province and Boland 1st Leagues. During this time I was also Strength Coach of individual sporting clients in the CBD of Cape Town.


In 2008 I moved to Argentina, and a year later opened a training facility in Buenos Aires, called one2one Performance. Based on my integrated system of work, we offered highly individualized Movement Correction and Performance Training. I stepped down as managing director in February 2013 to return to South Africa.


After spending a sabbatical year in Knysna to complete my part-time studies for a degree in Psychological Counseling, I returned to Cape Town in February 2014 to take up the position as Head of Performance at Ajax Football Club. Later that year I decided to work on my own again, as my vision has always been about creating more awareness of the better way for individuals to move and be at their best. I practiced from within the CBD of Cape Town until end of 2019.


In early 2020 I relocated to Port Elizabeth, where I am currently based in the neighborhood of Walmer.