Principles of Wellness

Principles of Wellness · 30. May 2021
Coronavirus, Part 2: Sick Until Proven Healthy
Sometimes the problem is created for a desired solution...
Principles of Wellness · 29. April 2020
Coronavirus, Part 1: Pandemic or Paranoia?
Sometimes the problem is the way we look at the problem…
Principles of Wellness · 04. September 2014
Worldview and Wellness, Part 2
In this post I will demonstrate specific ways in which reductionistic science has harmed the Western concept of health, and is still keeping us from growing a deeper understanding of the holistic wonders of human potential. I’ll point out the consequences of fewer people engaging in critical reasoning, and therefore less questions being asked about science, particularly in the area of modern medicine.
Principles of Wellness · 28. July 2014
Worldview & Wellness, Part 1
In recent years most people’s perspective of health has evolved from merely the absence of disease, towards incorporating the concept of wellness or well-being. There is however no universally accepted definition of wellness, and for some it involves the balanced ‘integration of body, mind and spirit’, and for others the ability to ‘live life to the fullest’. Your experience of well-being is after all a subjective matter, as only you can feel well through the senses of your own being...