GenoType Assessment

Although lots have been researched and published about nutrition over the last decade, very little has been published on individual specific responses to certain foods. Proponents of commercial diets do of course earn bigger profits from the misconception that their proposed way of eating is suitable for all. However, decades of study and personal experience has taught me (and other students of well-being) that there is no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' diet. A quality food like broccoli may be great for one person, and toxic to another. To reach an optimal level of nutritional balance, most of us need individualized eating plans.


I have found no better (and cost effective) way to do this than through Dr. D'Adamo's ground-breaking work of identifying 6 unique genetic types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Based on cutting-edge research as explained in his book Change Your Genetic Destiny, he provides a precise eating plan with food choices that compliments your genetic make-up to maximize health and weight loss, as well as prevent disease.


I can help to determine your specific Genetic Type through an assessment. This is done through specific anatomical measures combined with the data of a few other tests, like Blood Type. Once your GenoType has been established, you'll be able to follow Dr D'Adamo's guidelines of eating more of the Super-foods for your type, and avoiding foods which are regarded as Toxins.


Nutritional balance is intrinsically connected to every other cornerstone of optimal living and performance, as it affects sleep, speed of recovery, energy levels, levels of inflammation, your mood and ability to concentrate. If you truly desire to live and play at your best, it's essential to balance your nutritional intake with your individual needs.