Candice Smith

Active Mother of Four, Port Elizabeth, 2021

I am an active mother with two very dependent babies who demand a lot of physical attention. I have been suffering with pain in my right shoulder for almost a year now, and when I realised the pain was affecting my quality of life and mobility, I decided to start the process I'd been through 4 years ago when I underwent surgery on my left shoulder (to remove a supposed bone growth). I went from one GP to the next, got X-rays and ultrasounds done, cortisone shots to the joint, then to the physio (all at my expense), only to be told that, yes, I needed to go for surgery "to fix a tear in my labrum" (the cartilage lining of the shoulder joint).


I was in the process of looking for the right surgeon when a friend told me that she had some therapy done by a Movement Specialist, and begged me to give him a try before undergoing any surgery. I was willing to try anything as the idea of recovering from surgery with two small children clambering over me sounded worse than the actual surgery. After a comprehensive assessment with Kobus, his very knowledgeable explanation of why my whole body's alignment needed to be addressed, gave me hope and excitement about the way forward.


Less than two weeks later (seeing him twice a week) I realized that I had no pain in the shoulder joint! It has now been 9 weeks and overall mobility feels great and I haven't experienced any migraines (which I was having many of). There is still work to be done, as I understand that even though we have fixed the pain, we have not yet fully overcome the faulty movement patterns that caused the problem. I have no doubt that we are making great progress every session.


Kobus's knowledge is very comprehensive and insightful. I have learnt so much about my body through our sessions, including how my organs (viscera) and my diet all ties in with the rest. Thanks for your work in getting my body pain free! I tell anyone who cares to listen - if your body feels rigid or painful - regardless of where - make an appointment for an assessment with Kobus. It is worth it.

Dr. SSI Abbas

Retired General Surgical Specialist, Port Elizabeth, 2021

I am 66 years of age, and decades of being hunched forward in my work as surgeon has left me with severe postural limitations . I had been under the knife of my neurosurgeon colleague on January 2020 due to L4, L5 disc prolapse which was causing severe back pain radiating to my right leg. The surgery was very successful and became pain free. Six months after surgery I hurt my back again by lifting heavy stuff. I had pain in my lumbar and on my lower right leg, and my style of walking was getting worse as time passed. I did all the investigation with MRI and CT SCAN and my neurosurgeon said I had severe spasms of all the back muscles. For almost one year I was getting physiotherapy, chiropractic and back massage treatments with little benefit.


I came across Mr. Kobus du Plessis by chance. I decided to try his management of my problem and I remember telling him that “I don’t know what you can offer to help me”. I had 2 sessions per week for 3 months with him. The results were amazing! After the 3 months I was pain free and walk normally and straight again. I was amazed by his medical knowledge of the human anatomy, the nervous system and the muscular system. The way he deals with the joints of the body and movement is amazing. May God bless him.


I intend to go back to Kobus for a regular session once/week for more work on improving my functionality. Mr. Kobus please keep up the good work.

Jaco van der Vyver

Owner & Head Coach CrossFit Valley Road, Port Elizabeth, 2020

After years of frustration and resorting to multiple pain relief and recovery methods I started running out of options. Through a friend and chiropractor I came across Kobus and his product of movement and performance restoration.


I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of movement and understanding of the human body. I decided very early on that I will buy into the process as my body and its functionality is a high priority for me, and to move with quality and integrity is an absolute must. 7 months of patience and hard work has now finally come to an end. I feel better than I did 8 years ago when I was 23, my muscles are moving in the patterns that they are supposed to move in, I now experience hardly any muscle soreness after hard training sessions and have a far better understanding of how my body is supposed to function.


I highly recommend his services if you want to finally step out of pain permanently and live the life and do the things that you love. Thank you Kobus for your consistency and absolute dedication to your profession.

Brad Fleming

Australian Surfer, 2019

I am an ageing Aussie surfer with some serious back and knee issues. When in Cape Town recently for a 6 month stint, I was very happy to find Kobus from Movement & Performance to help me get back in shape to take advantage of the great waves South Africa has to offer.


I attended on average twice per week, and within a couple of weeks I was back surfing to possibly my highest level for many years. I continued with our program for most of my time in CT, and was extremely impressed with Kobus' approach and knowledge, his commitment to his practice and obviously the results that I achieved.


Kobus was very flexible, and went above and beyond in every expectation of the rehabilitation process, often putting in extra time to fully complete a session. I credit him to getting me back in shape and only wish that he was here in Sydney where I currently find myself. Although Kobus even went as far as researching a local Functional Movement Systems practitioner here in Sydney for me to continue improving on my movement quality.


Thanks again for your help in getting me functional Kobus, for your professionalism and your extraordinary skills. I will be seeing you when I find myself next in CT.

Anne Anderson

Crohn's Sufferer, 2019

I have struggled with symptoms around Crohn's disease for a number of years, as well as general stiffness. Working with Kobus has been part of my attempt to address these issues more holistically than in the past. Our initial baseline assessment showed that I had limited range of movement overall, probably due to past car accidents and my chronic illness.


In our sessions we focused on soft tissue therapy and mobilization, and stretching and strengthening exercises, all focused on specific areas identified by his regular movement assessments.


It was amazing to experience my digestive system responding positively as Kobus worked through areas where my body had stored-up tension from the car accidents. The work with Kobus has definitely been a positive aspect of my journey towards holistic health. I am enjoying the improvements in mobility, as well as being more aware of my body, and feel empowered to keep strengthening my muscles and improve my functional ability.

Danie Schutte

South African Karate Athlete, 2018

I started training with Kobus in 2017 and it has been one of the greatest journeys that I have ever embarked upon. My chronic pain has vanished, I move better as an athlete, he motivates me to eat, sleep, think and train better and he has shared valuable wisdom with me.


I recommend making an effort to improve your quality of life by visiting Movement and Performance. Thank you so much, Kobus!

Adriano Emilio

Consulting Engineer, 2018

I am now over 70. I've always been considered a ‘big lad’ and at the age of 20 I weighed a fit 116 kg. I've lived a very active life, from archaeology expeditions in African, rugby, cross-country running, soccer, rowing, mountain climbing, competitive sailing and windsurfing, to cross-country horse-riding.


I noticed a deterioration in my physical flexibility and general functionality around 15 years ago. This progressive state culminated in a complete functionality ‘freeze-up’ in 2010, characterized by sciatica-type back pains, knee pains and stabbing sensations from hips to feet. My back and leg muscles seemed frozen and I was forced to walk with the aid of a stick, and survived on painkillers. Various consultants suggested back surgery and even knee replacement, but I was not ready for this fate.


Fast-forward to Cape Town where, in mid-winter 2018 while searching for a ‘Theracane’ for self-massage, we located Movement and Performance owned by Kobus du Plessis.


Well, the past three months being treated by Kobus have been a wonderful and enriching experience. His approach and application of a bespoke therapy has almost eliminated all bodily pain and also restored my skeletal and muscular mobility. The results after only three months are amazing and the whole process has for me, been no less than a great voyage of discovery, both physical, emotional and de-stressing.


Kobus is methodical. His professionalism from initial functional movement assessment through a programmed series of treatments that meets certain physical performance milestones before proceeding to the next goal, characterizes his holistic approach to remedy physical dysfunction caused by over-strained muscles and habitual posture misalignment.

Chris Kalaman

X-Competitive Swimmer

I strongly recommend Kobus and his functional movement corrective techniques. I would say he is the best physical therapist that I have had the pleasure of working with, across 4 continents! His practical and intuitive knowledge of the human body is unrivaled. I used to be a competitive swimmer and as a result, have developed entrenched muscle imbalances which Kobus was able to help me identify and address. He's methodology promise to help where others have failed.

A great guy, and well worth a visit!

Rini Harrington

Business Owner

I suffered from chronic pain in my ankles, hips, right hand and shoulder, for about two years, and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the end of 2015. I've been taking chronic medication since then to control my pain levels, unaware of all the negative side-effects of this. Due to pain I became inactive and experienced no tangible relief from the heap of pills I was taking.


Beginning of 2017 I started with Kobus. His holistic approach, knowledge, and positive attitude changed my perceptions completely. After about 3 months of his system of work, I was able to give up ALL the medication. Today, 9 months since we started, I feel better than ever! I've also changed my eating habits and worked through lots of emotional pain to feel as healthy as I do today.


Kobus's therapy and exercise is a winning combination. His encouraging and comforting manner is unique, and he shows interest in every aspect of your health. I can say with conviction that I have regained my functionality, and most importantly, that I now enjoy to move!

Nathan Paulse

Professional Football Player

I sustained a serious hamstring tendon injury while playing for Ajax Cape Town Football club, for which I had to undergo surgery in March 2014. I began working with Kobus in April to rehabilitate the above mentioned injury, as well as recover from a few movement imbalances that were related to the cause of my injury.


Working with Kobus for 3 months was an absolute pleasure and education, as his attention to detail and care when dealing with me, was unprecedented in my 14 yrs as a professional sportsman. Going the extra mile is an understatement when describing how he works. Results obtained from working with him include: complete recovery of my injury, increased range of motion in my ankles, huge increases in flexibility throughout my entire body especially back and mid section, strength gains in key areas responsible for balance and agility on the field, and improved movement mechanics, i.e. running technique.

"His attention to detail and care when dealing with me, was unprecedented in my 14yrs as a professional sportsman".

Paul Solomons

I wish I had come across Kobus, and the FMS, when I was at the start of my sporting, health and fitness journey. I'm certain that many of the physical problems I've subsequently had to face would have been minimized or prevented if I had someone of his level of professionalism and experience working with me.

Kobus’s body knowledge, soft tissue and physical rehabilitation experience, as well as training know-how is world class.

Grant Livesey

I've found Kobus to be the consummate professional and an extremely knowledgeable and intelligent individual. He has the most caring quality, genuinely desiring to improve the overall well-being of others. Coupled with his unique methods, Kobus will set the new benchmark when it comes to correcting functional impairment, the rehabilitation of the injured, or enhance the performance of an athlete.

Don Schoeman

In three months time Kobus has helped me to make drastic improvements to many problematic areas. I can live normally again without chronic pain in my back and knee. I'm not fully recovered from the years of compensation my body has been through, but I'm gaining strength and flexibility on a weekly basis.

Beyond the obvious advantages of the corrective system Kobus uses, he deeply cares for the people he works with and is absolutely dedicated to resolving any dysfunctions one may have.