Group Screenings

We offer Functional Movement Screens to sports teams, corporate groups, or any other institution which seeks to improve on the functional movement competency of their team members.


To improve on any weakness, one has to first identify it. When it comes to identifying movement limitations or asymmetries, there is no better way than being screened by a Certified Functional Movement Specialist. For a detailed description of what the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is about, please visit this page.


Once an FMS baseline has been established, a program with individual specific correctives can be prescribed to improve on movement limitations of imbalances. By improving on the movement quality of the individual, their performance potential improves, and their risk of injury decreases, whether on the sport-field or in the working environment.


We are also able to design individual specific online programs for teams, based on their FMS results and their goals. These programs, designed on the Pro360 platform, includes video tutorials for each exercise, as well as detailed directives of reps, sets and intensity of work loads. Athletes/clients can log their progress online, and thereby allow us to make adjustments as we help them along their way to achieving their goals.


Please contact Kobus for any questions about getting your team screened.

Screening and Programming for group of High School Athletes.

FMS Pro 360 Online Programming